This little nuget package makes it simple to add packages that you have installed in your Umbraco website to be added to source control.

Source Control Libraries

Umbraco has a vibrant developer community and there are many, many third party packages that you can download and install to enhance your Umbraco website. If you're using source control to manage your build then one of the problems that you might run in to is that any library classes that are installed by a package are not added to your source control. This means that anyone who checks out your code will run in to problems running your website as these required libraries are missing.

What this nuget package does is add a new event handler that hooks in to the application started event and will copy and rename the libraries associated with any packages that you have installed to a location that is included in your source control. The other thing that it will do is restore any libraries from back up that are missing from your bin folder and, optionally, execute the package actions associated with the package.